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Air Conditioning That Follows You Around

In the future, our air conditioners will look like giant clouds of mist — and they'll follow us around.

When we last checked in with MIT's Senseable City Lab, they were debuting a prototype heater that targets the exact space where you're standing. Now, the lab has created a system that does the same thing—for cooling.

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Applications for Commercial Solar Water Heating

Business that have applications for high hot water needs or industrial heat processing are ideal for installing solar commercial water heaters. The more hot water or heat that is consumed the better and faster the paybacks.  Business such as car washes, hotels, laundry facilities, commercial pools, food and beverage industry, and agriculture such as dairy are all great industries to take advantage of solar water heating. Large resorts and Hotel resorts in the Caribbean can have paybacks in less than one year by installing a commercial solar water heater for their laundry facilities.

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