As cultivators and consumers await the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada late summer 2018, opportunities grow for HVAC contractors.

In “A snapshot of licensed cannabis producers,” released April 26, 2018, Statistics Canada (StatsCan) reported a rapid growth of licensed medical producers.

In March 2018, there were 97 facilities nationally, more than double the number in March 2017. Production of dried cannabis products hit 80,535 kilograms in 2017, up from 35,912 in 2016 and 9,659 in 2015.

A majority of producers surveyed intend to produce and sell cannabis for non-medical purposes after legalization. The companies also intend to spend $778.6 million on new capital goods and land – which would roughly double productive capacity, according to StatsCan.

As more grow operations come online, a high yield of cannabis will be essential – and, like any crop, environmental control is key.

An inability to maintain ideal conditions will affect a producer’s bottom line. For HVAC contractors, this could mean a potential employment stream.

In HPAC’s May issue, Jillian Morgan consults with industry experts to find out more about the role of HVAC contractors in Canada’s marijuana industry, and the business development opportunities recreational legalization represents.


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