Learn More About How Marijuana Use May Be Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

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Do you reside in an apartment complex, duplex, condo, or other living area where ventilation is shared? A joint living space quite often means that you are also sharing the air you breathe with your neighbors.


Indoor Air Pollution From Marijuana Emissions As Bad As The Worst Wildfires


In a year that experienced the nation’s worst wildfires in recent history, it is significant that the latest research on marijuana vaping and dabbing shows indoor particulate concentrations equivalent to dangerous air pollution events.

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Typical radiant cooling installation methods. Image courtesy Uponor

One of the most common questions asked about radiant cooling is “How do you deal with humidity in the air and the potential for condensation on the slab?” This probably leads to the most angst and uncertainty with engineers thinking about water damage, mould and safety issues. While this is an extremely critical design issue, it is one that is easily overcome with good design and controls.