There has been some recent correspondence with the City of Calgary, dealing with sprinkler systems.

1.  Locations of standpipe hose connections. 

As per the Alberta Buidling Code Sentence,  

  • Hose stations are required within the floor area so that all parts of the building are with 9 m of a hose nozzle when attached to not more than 30 m of connected hose.
  • Hose stations shall be located within 5 m of exits and at other locations (if required) to provide the above noted 30 + 9 coverage for the floor area.
  • Hose stations are to include both 65mm and 38mm hose connections and valves.
  • As per NFPA 14, a "hose station" includes a hose rack, hose nozzle, hose and hose connection.

Also note that the requirement for hose stations within the floor area are in addition to the requirement for hose connections within the exits as per ABC

The City of Calgary is now requiring all hose connections meet the above requriements.  This means that a rated fire hose cabinet must be installed within the corridors, near the exits.  The old way of having the hose connections only in the exit stairs is not accepted any more.  For buildings which fall under NFPA13R - the actual fire hose must also be provided, not just the hose connections.

2.  Principle entrance and Fire Walls.

As per the Alberta Buidling Code a principle entrace is required on either side of a fire wall within a building.  This will require additional  fire department connections and fire alarm systems at each of the designated principle entrances.  Again, this differs from the past installations.  Installing only one fire department connection and fire alarm annunciator for a buidling with a fire wall will no longer be accepted by the City of Calgary.

Please contact our office for more information