The City of Leduc and ENMAX are excited to announce that the installation of Canada’s largest rooftop solar array will soon be complete. The 1.14 megawatt (MW) system located at the Leduc Recreation Centre will produce renewable electricity and is approximately 25 per cent larger than any other system in the country.

Installation will be complete by the start of the Alberta Summer Games to be held in Leduc next month, and generating power by July 31.

“The City of Leduc has recently committed to developing a GHG action plan through participation in the Partners for Climate Protection program,” said Greg Krischke, Mayor of Leduc. “The sheer size of this solar installation as well as the subsequently planned Operations Building retrofit, will lead to emission reductions of over 1,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking about 200 cars off our roads and a significant step towards reaching our future goals.”

In addition to the Recreation Centre, The City of Leduc and ENMAX are also preparing to install 630 kW (0.63 MW) of solar panels on the city’s Operations Building, which is expected to fully cover that facility’s electricity needs. Including these projects, ENMAX has now installed approximately 38 per cent of all solar-generated electricity in Alberta. In addition, many other projects are already underway and that number is projected to rise to about 50 per cent by the end of the year*.

“ENMAX works closely with our solar customers because it takes coordination and a collective effort to make these projects a reality,” said Gianna Manes, ENMAX President and CEO. “We offer customers tangible ways, through leasing options and robust warranties, to make their projects viable within the budget constraints they may have.”

The total cost of the two projects is $3.1 million, which was funded in part through the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation’s (CCEMC) support of ENMAX’s solar leasing project. From 2010 to 2016, the CCEMC has provided funding alongside ENMAX’s investment to advance solar adoption in Alberta.

Project details

  • 3,622 solar photovoltaic panels covering just over 78,000 sq. ft., about four and a half NHL rinks
  • Generates 15 per cent of the Leduc Recreations Centre’s annual energy consumption
  • Based on current demands, the solar system is expected to reduce electricity costs by up to $90,000 annually