Dutch design studio ANA architects connected four plots in Amsterdam to create a series of lofts built entirely of wood.

 Houtlofts use solar energy, heat recovery systems and other sustainable features to achieve optimum energy performance, and they look amazing to boot.

Houtlofts (Woodlofts) are located in Buiksloterham, an area in the northern part of Amsterdam, named one of the hippest areas in the world by the New York Times. The architects used laminated wooden beams for the support system that is left visible throughout the property. The floor height is larger than standard and all homes feature open spaces that visually connect different floors and create a loft-like atmosphere. All four houses are based on the same construction system, but are all completely different in layout and organization.

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Workspaces, large terraces and mezzanine areas dominate the property. The spaces are equipped with shutters, solar panels, a solar collector on the roof, and a heat recovery system for ventilation and heating. The dwellings are not connected to the city heating system. Instead, each unit has an individual heat pump.

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