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- John Ruskin

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$4.6B for another Olympics in Calgary

Hosting the Olympics in 2026 would cost a total of $4.6 billion, the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee reported Monday, and the immediate reaction was swift.

Some Calgarians found that price tag far too high — especially for a city struggling through a recession in a province burdened by massive deficits.

  • Calgary would need $2.4B to cover Olympic costs after offsetting revenue: report

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Balancing Glazing, Building Envelope, and Thermal Comfort

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In the developed world, mechanical systems such as perimeter heating, compensate for shortcomings in envelope performance to provide a thermally comfortable environment. However, with an increased interest in maximizing energy efficiency and façade transparency, as well as providing healthy spaces for occupants, this model is due for reconsideration.

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Drake Landing Solar Community

Drake Landing Solar Community provides a real-world example of how conventional heating fuel consumption for space heating can be nearly eliminated, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5.5 tons per house annually.

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