“Quality is never an accident...

it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

- John Ruskin

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The School of Cool - Embracing IoT

In Canada, there’s only one guarantee in life outside of death and taxes: the changing of the seasons. And yes, despite an almost balmy winter in some parts of the country, the seasons have changed again. With the dog days of summer fast approaching, we now find ourselves entering cooling season. 

School of Cool Cooling Report Mechanical Business

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Water Quality in GSHP Applications

By Ryan Carda - Geo-Connections

Water quality has a huge impact on GSHP service life and efficiency. Unfortunately, most systems are filled with whatever water is available on site with little or no attention to its suitability for use.

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Suds Zones in Buildings

I remember when I was a young newlywed. We were renting a 60-year-old bungalow in southwest Calgary shortly after I had received my journeyman ticket and Red Seal. It was in February, just around Valentine’s Day, and I knew I had to remember two things: make sure all the mechanicals in the house were working and buy a Valentine’s gift. 


There were two significant problems my wife began to complain about after we moved in. Our clothes didn’t seem as bright and clean as they should be, and she also thought the dishwasher was broken, because we always ended up with stained dishes. (Maybe that was because I always bought the cheap detergent.) 

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