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- John Ruskin

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Balancing Glazing, Building Envelope, and Thermal Comfort

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In the developed world, mechanical systems such as perimeter heating, compensate for shortcomings in envelope performance to provide a thermally comfortable environment. However, with an increased interest in maximizing energy efficiency and façade transparency, as well as providing healthy spaces for occupants, this model is due for reconsideration.

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Drake Landing Solar Community

Drake Landing Solar Community provides a real-world example of how conventional heating fuel consumption for space heating can be nearly eliminated, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5.5 tons per house annually.

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To Expand or not to Expand

by Cyndi Morin,

One of the hardest decisions to make in business is whether one should consider expanding his or her company at some point. When a company is thriving, the temptation to grow seems to linger in the mind of many entrepreneurs. As profits accumulate in the business account, the question becomes “should I reinvest the profits into the company and expand?” Every business is unique. For some, expansion can be great, for others it can be a burden that only increases work and expenses instead of profits. Because of this, it is important to consider a few factors when deciding if business growth is right for you. The three most important factors to consider are:

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