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Settling into the cold weather season requires more than finding the ice scraper and unboxing your warm clothes.

To be truly ready for the cold, your HVAC system needs to be ready to work on a daily basis during the many months ahead.

Regardless if your home uses an air conditioning-equipped heat pump or an electric or gas furnace with an air conditioner attached, your thermostat will have to be reset to keep the house warm instead of cool.

The odds are, you are not an HVAC professional, and if you are this content will be even more relevant to you. As with almost any kind of machine that you purchase, it will normally show warning signs before going kaput. And anyone who has owned a business that uses HVAC units will know that it is cheaper to maintain them to preserve their longevity than to buy a new one every time that a major problem occurs. Here are 5 common warnings that your system is about to fail.

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One in three (36%) homeowners say Labour Day's arrival is the most important sign that Fall is here, while 41% say it's when the leaves begin to turn colour.

Three quarters (74%) usually wait until at least October before firing up their furnace and thirteen percent (13%) won't even think about doing this until November.

Approximately two-thirds of homeowners do not have annual maintenance checks performed, leading to a higher risk of equipment failure during the cold, winter months.

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