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- John Ruskin

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Electric verses Gas: What is your real heating cost?

Building envelop technologies are getting better and better.  Triple pane glass, high insulation values, vapour barrier, rain screens, thermal bridging are all contributing to smaller and smaller heat losses in today’s buildings. 

Heat generated from lights, people, computers, cooking, showering, etc. are all reducing the amount of heat required in current buildings.  So much so, that cooling is more of an issue than heating when it comes to thermal comfort.

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Natural ventilation: Breathe life into your building

Refresh your building with a natural ventilation system.

As buildings become more contemporary in their design, sustainable strategies, such as natural ventilation, are becoming increasingly important to a structure's core principles.

Not only does such an approach allow for a building to use 60 per cent less energy, it also drastically improves the air quality for the occupants within.

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Ontario Backs Geo

The Climate Change Action Plan of the Ontario government makes specific references to support for geothermal technology.  

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