“Quality is never an accident...

it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

- John Ruskin

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Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

What is it?

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A separate unit dedicated to the management of outdoor air quality.

Outdoor air is a necessary component of any well designed HVAC system. In many climates however the air outside is either so full of moisture or so contaminated that bringing it into a building can create problems for a building’s occupants and contents.

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Static Pressure in HVAC systems

Ensuring proper duct design in HVAC systems saves money.

It costs money to run a fan.  The harder it has to work, the more money it costs.  If air fans are controlled from a VFD, then slower speeds also mean less noise.  There are lots of advantages to paying attention to ductwork.  In most projects is it not even considered.

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Natural ventilation: Breathe life into your building

Refresh your building with a natural ventilation system.

As buildings become more contemporary in their design, sustainable strategies, such as natural ventilation, are becoming increasingly important to a structure's core principles.

Not only does such an approach allow for a building to use 60 per cent less energy, it also drastically improves the air quality for the occupants within.

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